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"I am so grateful to Dr. Danoff for the restful sleep I have been experiencing for months now that i have the dental inserts that he provided me with. My sleep apnea is a thing of the past now. My wife is also sleeping well since my snoring is gone. Great work Dr. Danoff and thanks so much!"
Ron S.
"I never realized how unhealthy snoring was. The dental device that you created for me, with the super new technology and up to date equipment in your office, has changed my life tremendously. I'm not snoring anymore, I sleep through the night and wake up with so much energy. More people need to be educated about this oh so simple to use amazing device. You're my new Dental Office. THANK YOU AGAIN"
"Dr. Danoff is amazing the office is incredible was in incredible hands from the start caring professional can’t say enough if you need any work done don’t hesitate. There sleep apnea appliance program is amazing it really works Thank you! Best David"
David R.
"Can't sleep right without my oral appliance. When my lower jaw is extended outward it just allows me to breath correctly at night. Open airway means I can breath right at night... and my snoring is history. No more naps at the red lights. Thank you Dr. Danoff."
Michelle C.
"There are few prosthodontists around equivalent in knowledge and skill to Dr. Scott Danoff. Over the years, he has done a number of crowns and bridges for me. In addition, I owe him special thanks for creating a dental device for me that has greatly improved a bad case of sleep apnea."
Smiling Patient
"Dr. Danoff. I imagine you don't remember me - I was having a breathing appliance made so when I go camping w/o electricity & don't use my CPAP I can still breathe. My wife and I sold our house in Pt. Washington & have been travelling the USA & your device has been a lifesaver! Right now we've been w/o power for 2 weeks & I've used the appliance & last night I slept like a baby for 10 hours. Thanks!!!"
Hilary R.
"The Snoring & Sleep Apnea Center is great. They help out tremendously with sleep apnea and dealing with transit authority sleep apnea protocol. Jenna knows her stuff when it comes to all the Transit Authority regulations and gets all your printouts ready in a timely manner or as requested. They go above and beyond to get u what u need for your oral device or whatever is needed in general. They have helped me out a great deal and got me into an oral device rather than using the dreaded CPAP machine which was very uncomfortable for me. The oral device is much more comfortable and a lot easier to use and travel with. All around great service in general from all the staff at Danoff Dental and highly recommended."
Andre P.
"I have Sleep Apnea and was looking for a dentist/ sleep specialist in Queens to be fitted for an oral appliance to change off with my C-Pap. I’ve been very satisfied with Dr. Danoff and his staff. I would highly recommend this practice to Sleep Apnea patients looking for an alternative to C-Pap."
Ronnie B.
"Dr. Danoff and his staff are very friendly. More important, for my sleep apnea and snoring issues, the doctor had a customized oral appliance made for me which helped my issues tremendously."
Kenneth B.
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